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Michael Savio, M.A., opened his company in August of 2009. He brings 15 years of learning development experience

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Principal Learning Consultant

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Michael Savio

"Mike is bright, articulate, and dependable. He was hired to launch and run a Help Desk for a sales support software implementation for more than 1,400 branches of a large Mid-western bank. He also served as back-up trainer for all of the training programs that supported the release of the software.

The Help Desk consistently received satisfactory or better ratings from users. Mike was called upon several times to conduct training for senior managers and was well-received."

Nancy Lillydale, Clarity Advantage

"Mike is a smart, dedicated trainer and training developer. He builds fast and friendly relationships with his clients.... He's a good listener who is both attentive to detail and very open to changes. I'd be happy to work with him again on future projects.."

Charles Sumner, Harvard University


Providing innovative learning solutions requires balance and understanding.


A successful project requires a balanced approach. Some modules require complex solutions, while others work best with a simple solution. Knowing when to use one approach over another balances two of the most critical components in any project: cost and time.   

We ask, "How much more effective will a more complex solution be than a simple solution?" For example, communicating knowledge to learners does not require a video and an interactive solution when simple text and pictures will suffice.Sometimes the effect is minimal; other times it is significant. 


Limited budgets and time constraints pose unique challenges. Understanding your needs is essential to providing the most cost effective, on-time solution. 

Over the past six years, we have helped dozens of clients and thousands of learners improve their performance. As a result:

  • Clients have benefited from successful project rollouts, essential Go-Live readiness, and improved learner performance 


  • Learners have benefited from just-in-time tutorials and job aids, earned better test scores, upgraded their skills, and improved comprehension of complicated processes and tasks

Michael Savio Consulting, LLC

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